ASOOL (A Sudden Outbreak Of Lethargy) is a touch of color in the rock genre that is currently dominated by out-of-bed hairstyles and tight jeans. Powerful guitars and driving beats meet the classical piano and the violin as well as fat electronic sounds. Violent, sometimes fragile – melancholic, but never despairing! Extremes that reveal the contrasts of the band name to their sound, which is anything but lethargic! Or how ASOOL would say… “We’re the answer to it!” Therefore, the origin of the name may be found in the lyrics. And, as chance would have it, the word ASOOL means “moral principles” in Urdu.

“A Sudden Outbreak Of Lethargy” is not your everyday band! And they are quite eager… eager to hit your stage!

ASOOL’s roots date back to the year 2003, when Roger Gahler and Simon Honegger decided to leave their former punk band “Wipeout” and start something completely new. After a few line-up changes in the beginning, they were finally joined by Mathias Gleinser, Luca Bernardinis and Nicole Zahner. In the following years, they self-released a demo album and played numerous shows across Switzerland. In 2008, Mathias left the band and they were forced to take a break. Working restlessly on new songs and their live performance, three years later luck favored them. In 2011, ASOOL met sound engineer Martin Hofstetter and together they started to record their debut album “A Sudden Outbreak Of Lethargy” and found their way back on stage. Finally released on March 22nd this spring, ASOOL already had the pleasure to present their debut on a live broadcast, enjoyed the possibility to play the Alternative Escape Festival in Brighton UK and they are of course very proud of their song “Redemption” being published on the Loud Music Compilation Volume 21!

Roger Gahler – Vocals / Guitar
Nicole Zahner – Vocals / Piano / Synths
Luca Bernardinis – Bass
Simon Honegger – Drums

Philip Heene – Violin
Adriano Venturini – Screams / Shouts